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Park yours and Drive ours

Concierge Fleet

Using our Concierge / for-hire vehicle as a financial asset. Passenger pickups from various hotel affiliations.
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Rideshare Fleet

 Working as a team of individual rideshare members to access a vehicle on an as-needed basis to pursue rideshare activities.
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Carshare Fleet

Use our luxury fleet to gain the benefits of private vehicles without the costs and responsibilities of ownership. 
For-Hire Carasharing 


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Carshare for Rideshare  - 3 & 5 Series BMW Fleet

Carshare for Hire-Car Concierge Services -7 Series Fleet

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We've grown to be the very popular and have been chosen by over 1000 Members.

Who We Are 

Armada Enterprise  manages luxury transportation solutions that make it affordable  and enjoyable for rideshare or for-hire drivers to earn  without the  heavy overhead costs of ownership .  Our goal is to create the best way to drive with top tier platform versatility. We've made this program very effecient for everyone. With Armada Enterprise, affordable luxury is the only way to RISE & DRIVE.
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We help
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Concierge Services

Featured Clients Using Our
Kiosk-Based Platform

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
    Direct booking access for hotel guest with reservations and checkouts. The guests can book via kiosk or with hotel services.
  3. Managing Director
    Trips booked in advance allowing hotel guest arrivals and departures. This is more than just on-demand service.
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